Mind Games | Poem

In the depths of the mind, the games are played,
A twisted realm where reality’s frayed,
Where the rules are unclear and the stakes are high,
And the players themselves are hard to identify.

The shadows dance with sinister glee,
As the mind games begin to take their fee,
And the lines between truth and fiction blur,
As the players vie for the upper hand, that’s for sure.

The walls of the mind close in like a trap,
As the players grapple, their wits to unwrap,
And the screams of the lost echo within,
As the stakes get higher, the players spin.

In the mind games, fear reigns,
A terror that drives the strongest to strains,
For in the depths of the mind’s domain,
The rules are unclear, and sanity’s wane.

So beware the games that the mind does play,
For the stakes are high, and the cost you’ll pay,
A psychological thriller that’s hard to deny,
And a mind game that will always apply.


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