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I’m Sully, a disabled author who navigates life with Long Covid, Venous Insufficiency, Anxiety, and Depression. My journey is marked by the challenges of these conditions, but I have always found solace and self-expression through creativity. Music, art, and writing are not just hobbies for me; they are essential therapies that help me cope and thrive despite my circumstances.

From a young age, I’ve been deeply passionate about creativity. I was the kid who always had a pencil in hand, sketching out my dreams or writing down my thoughts. My love for horses was a defining part of my childhood. I spent countless hours riding and caring for them, finding joy and peace in their company. Those early experiences with horses taught me about patience, empathy, and the beauty of connection.

Gaming has also been a significant passion in my life. The ability to immerse myself in fantastical worlds, where I could be anyone and do anything, was a thrilling escape. However, my mobility issues now require me to spend countless hours in bed due to my disability, making it difficult to engage in gaming as much as I’d love to. Yet, my love for these virtual adventures remains undiminished.

Today, I pour my heart into my writing, music, and art. Each piece I create is a reflection of my journey, a testament to my resilience, and a way to connect with others who might be facing similar challenges. My work is not just a form of expression; it is my lifeline and my way of navigating the world.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope my creations inspire you, offer comfort, and resonate with your own experiences. Welcome to my world, where creativity meets resilience.