The Darkened Path | Poem

The darkened path, it calls to me
With whispers from beyond
It beckons me with outstretched arms
To follow it along

The trees reach out to grab at me
Their twisted limbs, they groan
The wind it howls, the leaves they rustle
In a chorus all their own

I walk the path, so black and deep
The shadows they encroach
I hear the sound of footsteps near
But dare not turn and approach

The moon it casts a pallid light
And yet I see too much
For on this path, so bleak and grim
There’s evil in its clutch

I know not where this path will end
Or what I’ll find when there
But I must keep on walking still
And brave the darkness there

For if I falter, if I stop
The path will take me whole
And I will be forever lost
In its unearthly hold.