The Pale Maiden | Poem

In the darkness of the night,
Where the moon is shining bright,
Comes a figure dressed in white,
A ghostly girl with hair so light.

She wanders through the misty gloom,
Her footsteps silent as a tomb,
And those who see her meet their doom,
For she’s the Pale Maiden, queen of the room.

Her eyes are like pools of icy blue,
Her voice a whisper, a haunting coo,
And those who hear it know it’s true,
That she’ll never rest until she’s through.

She searches for her long-lost love,
A soul she lost in the world above,
And those who cross her path will shove,
Into the dark abyss below, devoid of love.

So if you see her in the night,
With her pale face and hair so light,
Just know that you’re in for a fright,
For the Pale Maiden reigns supreme in her might.