Beyond the Veil | Poem

Beyond the veil of the mortal world,
Lies a realm both strange and unknown,
A place of spirits and entities,
A realm that’s rarely shown.

Here dwell the souls of the departed,
Those who’ve left our world behind,
Yet their essence lingers on,
A whisper in the wind.

They wander through the spirit world,
A place of eerie grace,
Where the rules of our world don’t apply,
And time and space have no place.

Some say the spirit world is a realm of peace,
A place of comfort and rest,
But others speak of darker things,
Of ghosts that are far from blessed.

There are those who say that in this realm,
There lies a force beyond our reckoning,
A presence that’s both ancient and vile,
A power beyond all reckoning.

So when the night is dark and still,
And the wind begins to moan,
Remember that beyond the veil,
Lies a world both strange and unknown.