Temporal Terror | DBD DLC Concept

DLC Name:

“Temporal Terror”


“Time twists and turns; can you escape its grasp?”

Marketing Description:

Enter a realm where time is twisted and terror knows no bounds with the “Temporal Terror” DLC for Dead by Daylight. Introducing the chilling new killer, The Time Warden, a malevolent guardian who manipulates the very fabric of reality. With the power to create time rifts that ensnare Survivors and rewind his own actions, The Time Warden brings an unpredictable and eerie menace to the Entity’s realm. Survivors must stay vigilant and avoid his temporal traps or risk being caught in an endless loop of despair. Can you outsmart a foe who bends time to his will, or will you be lost to the Temporal Terror?

The Time Warden – Killer Overview

Name: The Time Warden
Real Name: Dr. Elias Thorn
Background: Once a brilliant physicist obsessed with the mysteries of time, Dr. Elias Thorn’s experiments led him to discover the secrets of temporal manipulation. However, his obsession turned to madness, and a catastrophic accident trapped him in a state between past, present, and future. Now, as The Time Warden, he hunts those who dare to disrupt the flow of time, his mind twisted by the paradoxes he created.

Killer Power: Temporal Manipulation

The Time Warden wields the power to control time, creating unpredictable and dangerous situations for Survivors.

  1. Time Rifts: The Time Warden can place Time Rifts around the map. Survivors who enter the range of a Time Rift will experience a significant slowdown in their actions, including movement, healing, and repairing generators. Time Rifts remain active for a limited duration before dissipating.
  2. Temporal Traps: Special traps that can be placed around the map. When triggered by a Survivor, they become stuck in a time loop, experiencing a brief period of repeated actions, disorienting them and making them easier prey for The Time Warden.

Killer Perks:

  1. Time’s Embrace:
    • After hooking a Survivor, the next generator started by any Survivor will regress 20% faster for a limited time.
    • “Time itself will unravel around you.”
  2. Paradoxical Presence:
    • Survivors within your Terror Radius experience a disorienting effect that causes their skill check chances to increase by 25%. Additionally, skill checks have a 20% smaller success zone.
    • “The mere presence of the Time Warden warps the reality around him, making even the simplest tasks an ordeal.”
  3. Eternal Pursuit:
    • Each time a Survivor is rescued from a hook, gain a token. Each token increases your movement speed by 1%, up to a maximum of 5 tokens.
    • “There is no escape from the relentless march of time.”

New Map – The Temporal Lab

Overview: The Temporal Lab is a nightmarish landscape of broken machinery, distorted clocks, and temporal anomalies. Once the site of Dr. Elias Thorn’s groundbreaking and ultimately catastrophic experiments with time manipulation, the lab now stands as a haunting testament to his madness. The environment is a blend of past, present, and future, with elements from different eras colliding in a chaotic, eerie manner.

Key Areas:

  1. Central Laboratory:
    • Description: The heart of the Temporal Lab, this vast, open space is filled with towering machines and massive control panels, many of which are broken or sparking with errant energy. The walls are lined with cracked monitors displaying endless streams of data and distorted images from different time periods.
    • Features:
      • Temporal Anomaly: A central feature where time seems to loop and distort, creating a disorienting effect for Survivors and the Killer. Walking through this area may cause temporary visual glitches or brief time skips.
      • Time Rift Generators: Large devices that intermittently emit pulses of temporal energy, creating temporary slow zones that affect both movement and action speed.
  2. Clockwork Hall:
    • Description: A long, narrow hallway filled with the sounds of ticking and chiming clocks. The walls are adorned with timepieces of all shapes and sizes, many of which are damaged or stuck at specific times. The floor is littered with broken clock parts and gears.
    • Features:
      • Unstable Clocks: Certain clocks along the hallway can be interacted with, causing them to explode in a burst of temporal energy that briefly stuns and disorients anyone nearby.
      • Temporal Traps: Hidden traps that, when triggered, create a brief time loop for the Survivor, forcing them to repeat their actions for a few seconds.
  3. The Experiment Chamber:
    • Description: A dark, enclosed space where Dr. Thorn conducted his most dangerous experiments. The room is filled with eerie, glowing apparatuses, broken containment units, and scattered notes detailing his descent into madness.
    • Features:
      • Containment Units: Large glass tubes that occasionally flicker with ghostly images of past experiments gone wrong. Survivors can hide in these units, but doing so may cause temporary disorientation upon exiting.
      • Temporal Echoes: Periodic echoes of past events that replay in the chamber, confusing Survivors with overlapping sounds and visuals.
  4. Temporal Rift Room:
    • Description: A chaotic space where the boundaries of time have completely broken down. The room is filled with swirling energy and fragmented pieces of different eras. Furniture from different time periods is scattered haphazardly, and the air shimmers with temporal distortions.
    • Features:
      • Active Time Rifts: Continuously shifting rifts that randomly appear and disappear, slowing down anyone who gets too close. These rifts can change position, adding to the unpredictability of the environment.
      • Time Loop Puzzles: Interactive puzzles that Survivors must solve to temporarily stabilize the room and create safe pathways.
  5. Observation Deck:
    • Description: A raised platform overlooking the central laboratory. This area was used by Dr. Thorn to monitor his experiments from a safe distance. The deck is cluttered with old notebooks, recording devices, and personal effects.
    • Features:
      • Telescope of Time: A large, broken telescope that shows glimpses of the lab’s past and future when looked through. Survivors can use it to gain brief insights into the positions of other players or the location of key objectives.
      • Temporal Anomalies: Small, fluctuating anomalies that can cause brief periods of slowed time, affecting anyone on the deck.
  6. Time-Weaver’s Workshop:
    • Description: A secluded area where Dr. Thorn developed his time-manipulating devices. The workshop is filled with intricate machinery, half-finished devices, and detailed schematics.
    • Features:
      • Temporal Tools: Various tools that can be used by Survivors to temporarily disable traps or disrupt the Time Warden’s powers. Using these tools comes with a risk of causing minor temporal disorientations.
      • Chrono Stasis Chamber: A large chamber that can be activated to provide temporary refuge from the Time Warden’s abilities, but doing so locks Survivors inside for a short duration, making them vulnerable when the effect ends.

Environmental Effects:

  • Temporal Distortion Zones: Areas where the fabric of time is unstable, causing random slowdowns or speed-ups in movement and action speed.
  • Echoing Footsteps: In certain areas, the sounds of footsteps and other actions may echo strangely, making it harder to pinpoint the locations of other players.
  • Temporal Glitches: Periodic visual and auditory glitches that create brief moments of confusion, simulating the effects of time manipulation gone awry.

The Temporal Lab offers a unique and challenging environment for both Survivors and The Time Warden, with its ever-shifting temporal anomalies and eerie, fragmented aesthetic. Navigating this map requires constant vigilance and adaptability, as the dangers of time itself are ever-present.