Shadow of Kesh | SWTOR Expansion Concept


“The Shadow of Kesh” is a massive expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic that takes players to the mysterious and lore-rich planet of Kesh. This expansion is designed to be large enough to keep players engaged over a long period while offering enough depth and intrigue to bring them back time and again. The expansion introduces a new class, five new companions, unique starships, an extensive quest line, new Flashpoints, an operation, a new reputation group, and a new warzone, all deeply intertwined with the lore of Kesh.

I am still coming up with more items, including more detailed descriptions and images for each. Please feel free to check back and see the progress.

New Planet | Kesh

Kesh is a remote, lush planet rich with ancient history and powerful void energies. Known for its dense forests, towering mountain ranges, and hidden ruins, Kesh is a place of both beauty and danger. The planet has long been shrouded in mystery, with legends of ancient civilizations and powerful void artifacts drawing scholars and adventurers alike.

Base Points on Kesh

Neutral Points of Interest

  1. The Void Nexus: A mysterious, powerful energy source located deep within the planet’s core. It’s the focal point of the Void Seekers’ power and is heavily guarded by ancient constructs.
  2. The Lost Temple of Kesh: An ancient, abandoned temple filled with traps and void-infused guardians. It holds many secrets and valuable artifacts.
  3. The Whispering Woods: A dense forest where the void’s influence is strong. The woods are said to drive intruders mad with whispers and illusions.
  4. The Echoing Caverns: A vast underground network of caves rich with void crystals. The caverns are treacherous and home to many dangerous creatures.
  5. The Shadowed Peaks: Towering mountains where the void’s presence is most concentrated. The peaks are often shrouded in darkness and storms.

Republic Base Points

  1. Fort Dawnlight: A fortified base established by the Republic near the Whispering Woods. It serves as a staging ground for exploring the void-influenced areas.
  2. Outpost Valor: A research outpost located in the Echoing Caverns, focusing on studying void crystals and their potential uses.
  3. Haven’s Reach: A secure base built into the Shadowed Peaks, providing a strategic vantage point for monitoring Sith movements.
  4. Brightstar Enclave: A hidden base within the Lost Temple of Kesh, where Republic scholars study the temple’s ancient secrets.
  5. Guardian’s Watch: A defensive position near the Void Nexus, tasked with preventing Sith incursions and protecting the nexus.

Empire Base Points

  1. Fortress Malachor: A heavily fortified Sith stronghold near the Void Nexus, dedicated to harnessing its power for the Empire.
  2. Darkspire Hold: A secret base within the Shadowed Peaks, serving as a command center for Sith operations on Kesh.
  3. Obsidian Bastion: An outpost in the Echoing Caverns, focusing on extracting and weaponizing void crystals.
  4. Nightfall Citadel: A base near the Whispering Woods, used for training Sith acolytes in the ways of the void.
  5. Crypt of Shadows: A hidden base within the Lost Temple of Kesh, where Sith sorcerers conduct dark rituals and experiments.

Main Bases of Operations

Republic Main Base: Fort Luminary

  • Description: Fort Luminary is the Republic’s main base of operations on Kesh. Located on a plateau overlooking the Whispering Woods, it serves as the primary hub for military, research, and diplomatic activities. The fort is equipped with state-of-the-art defenses, medical facilities, and a command center for coordinating missions across the planet. Republic troops and scholars work together to unlock the secrets of Kesh and protect it from Sith influence.

Empire Main Base: Citadel of Shadows

  • Description: The Citadel of Shadows is the Empire’s primary stronghold on Kesh. Nestled within the heart of the Shadowed Peaks, this imposing fortress is the center of Sith power and strategy on the planet. The citadel is heavily guarded and equipped with advanced weaponry, laboratories for void research, and chambers for Sith training. The Empire uses the citadel as a launch point for its campaigns to dominate Kesh and exploit its void energies.

New Class | Void Seeker

Class Overview

The Void Seekers are enigmatic warriors and scholars who draw their power from the void, an ancient and mysterious energy source distinct from the Force. These individuals have honed their abilities to manipulate the void for combat, healing, and reconnaissance. Their presence on Kesh is tied to the planet’s deep connection to the void, which they seek to understand and master.

Class Lore

Void Seekers were once a secretive order within the Jedi and Sith ranks, but over centuries, they broke away to pursue their unique path. The planet Kesh, with its strong ties to the void, became a sanctuary for these seekers. Here, they built hidden academies and trained new generations in the ways of the void. The resurgence of interest in Kesh has brought the Void Seekers back into the galactic spotlight, as both the Republic and the Empire seek to harness their power.

Origins and Philosophy

Void Seekers believe that the void is the primal source of all energy in the galaxy, existing before the Light and Dark sides of the Force. They view the void as a neutral, omnipresent force that can be bent to their will. Their training involves intense meditation, rigorous physical discipline, and the study of ancient void tomes. Void Seekers see themselves as guardians of balance, ensuring that neither the Light nor Dark side gains unchecked dominance.

Training and Techniques

Training to become a Void Seeker is grueling and secretive. Initiates undergo a series of trials to prove their attunement to the void, including prolonged periods of isolation, void meditation, and combat against void manifestations. Those who survive the trials are taught to manipulate void energy for various purposes, from combat to healing and even stealth.

Shadow Guardian (Tank)

Description: The Shadow Guardians are the stalwart defenders of the Void Seekers. They use void energy to create barriers, absorb damage, and control the battlefield. Their presence is imposing, and they stand as the first line of defense against any threat.


  1. Void Shield: Creates a barrier of void energy around the caster, absorbing a significant amount of damage for a short duration.
  2. Void Strike: A powerful melee attack that channels void energy, stunning the target and reducing its damage output.
  3. Eclipsing Aura: Emits an aura that reduces the damage taken by nearby allies and redirects a portion of it to the caster.
  4. Void Pulse: Sends out a shockwave of void energy, knocking back and slowing enemies in a radius.
  5. Dimensional Rift: Opens a rift that pulls enemies towards it, making them vulnerable to attacks.
  6. Void Guard: Enhances the defensive capabilities of an ally, significantly increasing their damage resistance for a short time.
  7. Umbral Fortification: Temporarily boosts the caster’s health and armor, allowing them to withstand heavy attacks.
  8. Abyssal Grasp: Immobilizes a target with void tendrils, preventing movement and dealing periodic damage.

Void Healer (Healer)

Description: Void Healers harness the void’s restorative powers to mend wounds and support their allies. They channel void energy to heal injuries, cleanse ailments, and provide protective auras.


  1. Void Mend: Channels void energy into a single ally, rapidly healing their injuries.
  2. Void Embrace: Creates a field of void energy that heals all allies within its radius over time.
  3. Cleansing Void: Purges harmful effects from allies, removing debuffs and negative status effects.
  4. Void Sanctuary: Forms a protective dome of void energy around a group of allies, reducing incoming damage.
  5. Lifetap: Transfers a portion of the caster’s health to an ally, healing them at the caster’s expense.
  6. Echo of the Void: Applies a healing-over-time effect to an ally that also heals nearby allies for a percentage of the amount healed.
  7. Void Renewal: Revives a fallen ally with a burst of void energy, restoring them to a significant amount of health.
  8. Abyssal Boon: Temporarily increases the healing received by an ally and grants a small shield that absorbs damage.

Void Harbinger (DPS)

Description: Void Harbingers are the offensive force of the Void Seekers. They wield void energy to unleash devastating attacks, manipulate the battlefield, and sow chaos among their enemies.


  1. Void Blast: Fires a concentrated burst of void energy at a target, dealing high damage and reducing their resistance to void attacks.
  2. Abyssal Strike: A melee attack that channels void energy, dealing significant damage and causing the target to bleed void energy over time.
  3. Void Storm: Summons a storm of void energy that damages all enemies in a targeted area over time.
  4. Shadow Step: Teleports the caster to a target location, dealing damage to enemies upon arrival and leaving a void residue that continues to harm them.
  5. Dimensional Tear: Creates a rift that damages enemies and weakens their defenses, making them more susceptible to subsequent attacks.
  6. Void Eruption: Causes void energy to erupt from the ground, dealing damage to all enemies in a line.
  7. Abyssal Chains: Launches chains of void energy that bind and damage a group of enemies, slowing their movement.
  8. Void Overload: Overcharges the caster’s void energy, significantly increasing damage output for a short duration but causing recoil damage to the caster.

Unique Starship: The Void Runner

The Void Runner is a sleek, advanced starship designed specifically for Void Seekers. It boasts a streamlined, elongated hull with a dark, matte finish that absorbs light, making it difficult to detect. The ship is adorned with subtle, glowing void symbols that pulse with an eerie, ethereal light. Its wings are sharp and angular, capable of retracting for increased maneuverability in tight spaces. The cockpit features a panoramic canopy that provides a wide field of vision, with advanced holographic displays and controls tailored for void manipulation. The Void Runner is equipped with cloaking technology, void-energy weaponry, and a specialized meditation chamber at its core, where the Void Seeker can attune to the void and enhance their abilities. The interior is a blend of high-tech functionality and mystical aesthetics, with dark, polished surfaces, soft ambient lighting, and intricate void patterns etched into the walls and floors.

New Class Companions

Liora Elaris – Female Human

  • Background: Liora was a Jedi Knight who felt the call of the void and left the Order to seek deeper understanding on Kesh. She is a skilled lightsaber duelist and healer, using void energy to mend wounds and protect allies.
  • Recruitment: Prologue – Liora is the first companion met on Kesh, guiding the player through the initial stages of their journey.

Jaxon Sorr – Male Human

  • Background: Jaxon was an Imperial Agent who defected after discovering the power of the void. He specializes in stealth, sabotage, and covert operations, using void techniques to enhance his abilities.
  • Recruitment: Act 1 – Jaxon joins the player during a mission to infiltrate an ancient Kesh temple.

Nerai Valis – Female Mirialan

  • Background: Nerai is a former smuggler who stumbled upon the void’s secrets. She is a sharpshooter and pilot, using void energy to enhance her marksmanship and navigation skills.
  • Recruitment: Act 2 – Nerai is encountered in a hidden void enclave on a distant moon of Kesh.

Korran Saal – Male Chiss

  • Background: Korran is a Chiss tactician and strategist who sought the void’s power to protect his people. He excels in battlefield command and tactical planning, using void insights to outmaneuver enemies.
  • Recruitment: Act 3 – Korran is found leading a resistance group against a Sith incursion on Kesh.

Varek Durn – Male Twi’lek

  • Background: Varek was a Sith apprentice who turned against his masters upon discovering the void’s potential. He is a powerful melee fighter and void adept, using dark energy to overpower foes.
  • Recruitment: Act 4 – Varek is rescued from a void rift where he was trapped by his former Sith masters.

New Flashpoints

  1. Flashpoint: “Temple of the Lost”
    • Description: The player and their allies must infiltrate an ancient temple hidden deep within Kesh’s jungles. Inside, they face traps, puzzles, and void-infused guardians. The final battle pits them against a Sith sorcerer who seeks to control the temple’s power.
  2. Flashpoint: “Darkness Rising”
    • Description: A distress signal from a void research facility leads the player to a space station orbiting Kesh. They must navigate the station’s chaotic halls, fend off void-mutated creatures, and stop a rogue scientist from unleashing a void catastrophe.

New Operation: “Heart of the Void”

  • Description: The operation takes place in the heart of an ancient void nexus buried beneath Kesh. Players must work together to defeat powerful void entities, solve intricate puzzles, and prevent a catastrophic void eruption. The final boss is a massive void elemental that tests the raid group’s coordination and skill.

New Reputation Group: The Kesh Guardians

  • Description: The Kesh Guardians are a faction dedicated to protecting Kesh and its void secrets. Players can gain reputation by completing daily missions, participating in world events, and contributing to the defense of Kesh. Rewards include unique void-themed gear, mounts, and cosmetic items.

New Warzone: “Void Warfare”

  • Description: This new PvP Warzone pits players against each other in a battle to control void rifts scattered across a battlefield. Teams must strategically capture and defend these rifts to gain points and unleash powerful void abilities against their opponents. The dynamic nature of the void rifts creates unpredictable and thrilling combat scenarios.

New Story Quest Line

  1. Quest: “Call of the Void”
    • Description: The player receives visions and is drawn to Kesh, where they begin their journey as a Void Seeker.
  2. Quest: “Echoes of the Past”
    • Description: The player explores ancient ruins and uncovers the history of the Void Seekers, facing off against rival factions.
  3. Quest: “Shadow Intrigue”
    • Description: The player must navigate political intrigue and sabotage as different groups vie for control of Kesh’s void resources.
  4. Quest: “Defending the Realm”
    • Description: The player leads a defense against invading forces, using their void powers to protect key locations on Kesh.
  5. Quest: “The Void’s Heart”
    • Description: The final quest involves a journey to the core of Kesh’s void energy, where the player must confront a powerful enemy and prevent a catastrophe.