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Legend Name: Riko “Echo” Hayashi

Age: 28

Home World: Solace

Class: Recon

Legend Back Story: Riko Hayashi was born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Solace, a city known for its advanced technology and rich cultural heritage. Her parents were renowned engineers specializing in acoustic technology, and they often took Riko to their lab, exposing her to the wonders of sound manipulation from a young age. Fascinated by the intricate dance of sound waves and the potential of acoustic engineering, Riko found herself drawn to the field, eager to explore its possibilities.

At the age of 16, Riko’s life took a dramatic turn. A catastrophic accident occurred at her parents’ lab due to a malfunctioning experimental device. The explosion resulted in the loss of both her parents, leaving Riko devastated and alone. The incident left a permanent mark on her, both emotionally and physically, as she suffered hearing damage that heightened her sensitivity to sound.

Determined to honor her parents’ legacy and prevent similar tragedies, Riko immersed herself in her studies, focusing on acoustic engineering and sound manipulation. She quickly gained recognition for her innovative approaches and exceptional talent. Her dedication caught the attention of a secretive tech guild known for its cutting-edge research and development. The guild offered her a position, providing access to resources and technology beyond her wildest dreams.

Within the guild, Riko thrived. She developed advanced acoustic gear, including devices that could manipulate sound waves for various purposes, from surveillance to combat. Her breakthrough came with the creation of a powerful acoustic suit, equipped with sensors and devices that allowed her to harness sound in unprecedented ways. Adopting the codename “Echo,” she became a key member of the guild, participating in covert missions and testing new technologies.

Despite her successes, the memory of her parents’ death haunted her. Riko sought closure and justice, believing that the accident was not merely a malfunction but an act of sabotage. Her investigation led her to the Apex Games, where she discovered clues pointing to a shadowy organization responsible for her parents’ demise. Determined to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice, Echo decided to enter the Apex Games, using the platform to showcase her skills and gather information.

As Echo, Riko navigates the challenges of the Apex Games with precision and focus. Her advanced acoustic suit and heightened auditory senses give her a unique edge in battle, allowing her to detect and disorient enemies. She forms alliances with other legends, sharing her expertise and gaining their trust. Along the way, she uncovers more about the organization behind her parents’ death, piecing together the puzzle one match at a time.

Echo’s journey is one of resilience, innovation, and determination. She is driven by a desire for justice and a commitment to prevent others from experiencing the same pain she endured. Through her participation in the Apex Games, Echo not only honors her parents’ legacy but also carves out her own, becoming a legend in her own right.

Legends Personality and Motivation:

Echo is a calm and analytical individual, often perceived as distant due to her focused nature. She values precision and efficiency, approaching every situation with a strategic mindset. Beneath her serious exterior, she has a deep love for music and often finds solace in composing and experimenting with new sounds. Her ultimate goal is to uncover the truth behind her parents’ death and use her skills to protect others from similar fates.

Riko “Echo” Hayashi’s story is a blend of tragedy, innovation, and relentless pursuit of justice. Her unique abilities and rich backstory make her a compelling and formidable legend in the Apex Games.

Legends Physical Description: Riko “Echo” Hayashi stands at 5’7″ with a lean, athletic build that speaks to her agility and rigorous training. Her light tan skin contrasts sharply with her jet-black hair, which is cut in a sleek, asymmetrical bob that falls just above her shoulders, adding a touch of modern edge to her appearance. Her almond-shaped, electric blue eyes are striking, often drawing attention with their intense, focused gaze.

Echo’s face is characterized by high cheekbones and a strong jawline, softened by a natural arch to her eyebrows and full lips that rarely smile, hinting at her underlying resolve. Her sleek, futuristic suit, primarily black with neon blue accents, fits her form perfectly, allowing for maximum mobility and agility. The suit is reinforced with lightweight, durable materials that provide protection without hindering her movements.

Equipped with advanced audio receptors and a retractable visor, displays real-time acoustic data and sound wave patterns, enhancing her ability to visualize and manipulate sound. Small, portable acoustic devices are attached to her belt and forearms, ready for quick deployment. These devices, along with her sound-dampening boots and tactile feedback gloves, make her a master of sound manipulation.

Overall, Riko “Echo” Hayashi presents a blend of high-tech sophistication and determined elegance. Her presence is both commanding and enigmatic, making her a formidable figure in the Apex Games.

Legends Playstyle: Echo excels in providing valuable intel to her team and disrupting enemy formations. Her abilities are centered around sound manipulation, making her a versatile Recon legend who can detect and disorient enemies while enhancing her team’s auditory awareness. She is particularly effective in close-quarters combat and urban environments where sound plays a crucial role.

Riko’s Abilities:

  • Sonar Awareness (Passive Ability): Echo has heightened auditory senses, allowing her to detect enemies’ footsteps and gunfire from a greater distance. Enemies making noise within a 30-meter radius are temporarily highlighted.
  • Resonance Pulse (Tactical Ability): Echo deploys a sonic pulse that travels through walls and obstacles, revealing enemy locations within a 50-meter radius for 6 seconds. Enemies hit by the pulse experience a mild disorientation, reducing their accuracy for a short period.
  • Echo Chamber (Ultimate Ability): Echo activates a powerful acoustic device that creates a large, reverberating field. Within this field, all sounds are amplified, disorienting enemies and causing them to hear phantom footsteps and gunfire. Allies within the field receive enhanced auditory cues, allowing for better coordination and situational awareness. The field lasts for 20 seconds and covers a radius of 75 meters.


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