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New Class | Shadow Operative

The Shadow Operative is an elite intelligence agent within the Strategic Information Service (SIS) of the Galactic Republic, specializing in covert operations, espionage, and tactical warfare. This class is designed for players who enjoy a blend of stealth, strategy, and high-stakes missions.

Shadow Operative Lore

The Shadow Operatives are an elite unit within the Strategic Information Service (SIS) of the Galactic Republic, renowned for their expertise in covert operations, espionage, and tactical warfare. These operatives are the Republic’s silent guardians, conducting high-risk missions that require a blend of stealth, strategy, and lethal efficiency. Their existence is shrouded in secrecy, known only to the highest echelons of the Republic’s military and intelligence communities.

Combat Style | Stealth and Tactical Warfare

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  • Field Agent: overview coming soon
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  • Saboteur: overview coming soon
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Origins and Training

The concept of the Shadow Operatives was born out of the necessity to counteract the growing threats posed by the Sith Empire and other adversaries of the Republic. These threats were not only military but also insidious, involving espionage, sabotage, and subterfuge. To address this, the SIS established a special division dedicated to these covert tasks, recruiting only the best and brightest from various backgrounds—military, intelligence, and even the criminal underworld.

Training to become a Shadow Operative is rigorous and demanding, designed to push candidates to their physical and mental limits. Recruits undergo extensive training in stealth, hacking, combat, and psychological warfare at hidden facilities such as the Shadow Operative Training Grounds on Ord Mantell. Only those who demonstrate exceptional skill, resilience, and adaptability make it through the grueling selection process.

Mission and Operations

The primary mission of the Shadow Operatives is to protect the Galactic Republic from threats that conventional forces cannot address. They operate in the shadows, gathering intelligence, sabotaging enemy plans, and neutralizing high-value targets. Their operations often take them deep into enemy territory, where they must rely on their wits, skills, and advanced technology to survive and succeed.

Shadow Operatives are equipped with state-of-the-art gear, including cloaking devices, slicing tools, and specialized weapons. Their signature starship, the Stealth Hawk, is a marvel of engineering, featuring advanced cloaking technology and a secure communications suite. This vessel allows them to travel undetected and strike where the enemy least expects it.

Legacy and Impact

The Shadow Operatives have played a pivotal role in many key events in the ongoing conflict between the Galactic Republic and its enemies. Their actions, though often unacknowledged, have thwarted numerous plots and saved countless lives. They embody the values of courage, loyalty, and sacrifice, operating with the utmost secrecy to ensure the safety and security of the Republic.

Despite the dangers and the shadows they work in, the Shadow Operatives remain committed to their mission, driven by a deep sense of duty and a desire to protect the Republic from all threats. Their legacy is one of silent heroism and unwavering dedication, ensuring that the light of the Republic continues to shine even in the darkest of times.

New Starting Area: Ord Mantell | Shadow Operative Training Grounds

Location and Setting

The Shadow Operative Training Grounds are situated in the remote and mountainous regions of Ord Mantell, far from the ongoing conflict between the Separatists and Republic forces. This hidden facility is nestled within a dense forest, providing natural cover and seclusion. The grounds are accessible via a concealed pathway, guarded by advanced security measures to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter.

Legacy and Importance

The Shadow Operative Training Grounds are essential to the success of the SIS’s covert operations. The facility produces highly skilled operatives who are capable of handling the most dangerous and sensitive missions. The rigorous training and diverse skill set acquired at the grounds ensure that Shadow Operatives are among the best in the galaxy, ready to protect the Republic from any threat.

This hidden facility remains a vital part of the SIS’s efforts to maintain security and stability within the Galactic Republic, continuing to train new generations of elite operatives who uphold the values of courage, loyalty, and excellence.

Notable Key Figures

  • Commander Tarin Vos: A seasoned SIS operative with years of experience in covert operations. Known for his strict training methods and high standards, Commander Vos is respected and feared by trainees.
  • Lieutenant Mira Kantos: An expert in combat and physical conditioning, Lieutenant Kantos oversees the combat training programs. Her rigorous drills and demanding exercises push trainees to their limits.
  • Tech Specialist Varen Olis: A former slicer turned SIS operative, Varen Olis is responsible for the technical training programs. His expertise in hacking and electronic warfare is invaluable to trainees.

Base of Operations: Coruscant | SIS Black Site

The SIS Black Site is a highly classified and secure facility located in the lower levels of Coruscant, deep within the sprawling metropolis. Its exact location is known only to the highest-ranking members of the SIS and is protected by multiple layers of security measures. The Black Site is built into the infrastructure of Coruscant, utilizing the city’s depth and complexity to remain hidden from prying eyes.

Legacy and Importance

The SIS Black Site is a critical asset in the Republic’s fight against its enemies. The facility produces highly skilled operatives capable of handling the most dangerous and sensitive missions. The training and resources provided at the Black Site ensure that SIS agents are among the best in the galaxy, ready to protect the Republic from any threat.

The Black Site remains a symbol of the SIS’s commitment to excellence and secrecy, continuing to train and support new generations of elite operatives. Its role in maintaining the security and stability of the Galactic Republic is vital, making it one of the most important assets in the ongoing conflict against the Empire and other adversaries.

New Class Companions and Ship Droid

This class provides a dynamic and engaging storyline, with a mix of familiar and new characters, and a focus on stealth and tactical combat. The story arc takes the player through various planets and challenges, ensuring a rich and immersive experience. Along with this exciting new game play, we are introduced to five new companions. And of course your trust droid aboard your starship.

Mara Keles

  • Role: Hacker and Tech Specialist
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 28
  • Appearance: Mara Keles is a striking figure with short, dark hair and piercing green eyes. She stands at an average height with a lean, athletic build, indicative of her active lifestyle. Her attire typically includes a mix of tactical gear and casual clothing, reflecting her dual role as both a field agent and a tech specialist. She often has a few gadgets and hacking tools visibly attached to her belt or wristbands.
  • Personality: Mara is known for her sharp intellect and quick wit. She has a rebellious streak and a tendency to question authority, which often puts her at odds with more traditional members of the SIS. However, her loyalty to her friends and her unwavering commitment to the Republic are unquestionable. She has a dry sense of humor and a knack for finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Skills and Abilities

  • Hacking: Mara is an expert in slicing into secure systems, decrypting data, and bypassing electronic security measures. Her skills are unparalleled within the SIS.
  • Tech Specialist: She is proficient in creating and modifying various gadgets and tech tools, making her an invaluable asset during missions requiring technical expertise.
  • Combat Proficiency: While not her primary focus, Mara is trained in the use of blasters and basic hand-to-hand combat, allowing her to defend herself and her team when necessary.


Mara Keles grew up on the bustling ecumenopolis of Coruscant, in the lower levels where crime and corruption were rampant. Her parents were small-time traders, struggling to make a living in the harsh environment. From a young age, Mara displayed an extraordinary aptitude for technology, often tinkering with old droids and broken devices she found in the scrap heaps.

As a teenager, she fell in with a group of slicers who taught her the finer points of hacking. Mara quickly became one of the best in the underground scene, gaining a reputation for her skills. Her activities eventually drew the attention of the SIS, who saw potential in her talents. Given a choice between facing charges for her illegal activities or using her skills for the good of the Republic, Mara chose to join the SIS.

In the SIS, Mara excelled, quickly rising through the ranks due to her technical prowess and innovative thinking. She was often assigned to high-risk missions where her hacking skills were essential. Despite her success, Mara maintained her independent spirit, often clashing with superiors who didn’t appreciate her unconventional methods.

Story Involvement

In the Shadow Operative storyline, Mara Keles is introduced during the prologue on Ord Mantell. The player first encounters her at the Shadow Operative Training Grounds, where she is tasked with overseeing the technical training of new recruits. She assists the player in their initial missions, providing crucial support with her hacking abilities and tech expertise.

As the story progresses, Mara becomes a trusted companion, accompanying the player on various missions across the galaxy. Her knowledge of slicing and technology proves invaluable in uncovering secrets and thwarting enemy plans. Throughout the journey, Mara’s loyalty and resourcefulness shine, making her an essential part of the Shadow Operative’s team.

Romance Option

Mara Keles is available as a romance option for both male and female players. Her romance arc involves gaining her trust and respect, navigating her guarded personality, and proving one’s dedication to the cause they both fight for. The romance storyline delves deeper into Mara’s past, her motivations, and her dreams for the future, offering players a chance to build a meaningful relationship with her.

Karn Vos

  • Role: Demolition Expert
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 34
  • Appearance: Karn Vos is a rugged and muscular individual, standing tall with a strong build that reflects his experience in handling explosives and physical tasks. He has short, dark hair, a stubble beard, and piercing blue eyes. His face bears a few scars from past battles and close encounters with explosions. Karn usually wears practical, durable clothing suitable for fieldwork, often including protective gear and a utility belt laden with various explosive devices and tools.
  • Personality: Karn Vos is known for his straightforward and no-nonsense demeanor. He has a pragmatic approach to missions and a calm, level-headed attitude even in the most dangerous situations. Despite his tough exterior, Karn is deeply loyal to his friends and has a strong sense of duty towards the Republic. He possesses a dry sense of humor and occasionally lets his softer side show, especially when dealing with those he trusts.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Demolition: Karn is a master of explosives, proficient in both creating and disarming a wide variety of explosive devices. His expertise allows him to handle high-risk demolition tasks with precision.
  • Engineering: He has a solid understanding of engineering principles, enabling him to repair and modify equipment and machinery as needed.
  • Combat Proficiency: Karn is skilled in the use of heavy weaponry and close-quarters combat, making him a formidable fighter in any engagement.


Karn Vos hails from Corellia, a planet known for its skilled engineers and pilots. Raised in a family of engineers, Karn developed an early interest in machinery and explosives. His father, a renowned demolition expert, taught him the intricacies of handling explosives and the importance of precision and caution.

As a young man, Karn joined the Corellian Security Force (CorSec) and quickly rose through the ranks due to his expertise in demolitions and his ability to remain calm under pressure. He became known for his efficiency and reliability in high-stakes operations. However, the increasing corruption within CorSec disillusioned him, and he sought a way to make a more significant impact.

Karn’s skills eventually caught the attention of the SIS, who recruited him for his exceptional demolition abilities and his unwavering commitment to justice. In the SIS, Karn found a sense of purpose and a team that valued his contributions. His missions often involved high-risk demolitions, sabotage, and securing critical infrastructure for the Republic.

Story Involvement

Karn Vos is introduced during Act 1 of the Shadow Operative storyline on Coruscant. The player meets him during a mission to sabotage a Separatist supply line, where Karn’s demolition expertise proves crucial. Impressed by the player’s capabilities and dedication, Karn agrees to join the team, bringing his valuable skills and experience to the Shadow Operative’s cause.

As the story progresses, Karn becomes a reliable and steadfast companion, assisting the player in various missions across the galaxy. His practical knowledge and demolition skills are essential in overcoming numerous obstacles and enemies. Karn’s loyalty and bravery are evident throughout the journey, making him a trusted ally and friend.

Romance Option

Karn Vos is not available as a romance option but serves as a steadfast and loyal companion, providing critical support and mentorship throughout the player’s journey.

Jax Thane

  • Role: Infiltrator and Informant
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 32
  • Appearance: Jax Thane is a tall, lean man with an athletic build, reflecting his agility and experience in infiltration. He has short, sandy blond hair and sharp, intense hazel eyes that seem to take in everything around him. Jax typically dresses in dark, form-fitting clothing that allows for ease of movement and stealth, often accessorized with a hooded cloak and various concealed weapons.
  • Personality: Jax is enigmatic and reserved, often keeping his thoughts and emotions hidden behind a stoic facade. He is highly observant and analytical, preferring to assess situations thoroughly before taking action. Despite his secretive nature, Jax is fiercely loyal to those he trusts and possesses a strong moral compass. His dry wit and occasional sarcastic remarks hint at a more complex personality beneath his exterior.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Infiltration: Jax is an expert at slipping into heavily guarded areas unnoticed, using a combination of stealth, disguise, and advanced technology.
  • Information Gathering: He has a knack for extracting vital information from various sources, whether through espionage, interrogation, or social manipulation.
  • Combat Proficiency: Jax is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of light blasters, favoring precision and agility over brute strength.


Jax Thane’s early life is shrouded in mystery, even to those closest to him. What is known is that he grew up in the underworld of Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon, where survival required cunning and adaptability. Jax quickly learned to navigate the dangerous streets, developing his skills in stealth and subterfuge to avoid the numerous criminal factions vying for control.

As a young man, Jax’s talents caught the attention of various underworld leaders who sought to use his abilities for their own gain. Unwilling to become a pawn in their schemes, Jax instead used these opportunities to gather information and play the factions against each other, always staying one step ahead. His actions eventually drew the attention of the SIS, who saw potential in his unique skill set.

Recruited by the SIS, Jax found a new purpose in using his talents to serve the Republic. His assignments often involved deep-cover operations and intelligence gathering, where his ability to blend in and extract critical information proved invaluable. Despite his initial reluctance to trust the SIS, Jax eventually formed a close bond with his fellow agents, viewing them as a surrogate family.

Story Involvement

Jax Thane is introduced during Act 2 of the Shadow Operative storyline on Nar Shaddaa. The player encounters him while conducting an undercover operation to dismantle a criminal network with ties to a larger conspiracy within the SIS. Impressed by the player’s resourcefulness and dedication, Jax agrees to join the team, bringing his expertise in infiltration and information gathering to the Shadow Operative’s cause.

Throughout the story, Jax becomes a crucial ally, assisting the player in various missions across the galaxy. His skills in stealth and espionage are essential in uncovering hidden threats and gathering vital intel. As the player and Jax work together, they develop a deep mutual respect and trust.

Romance Option

Jax Thane is available as a romance option for both male and female players. His romance arc involves breaking through his guarded exterior and uncovering the vulnerabilities and secrets that he keeps hidden. Players must prove their loyalty and understanding, gradually building a relationship based on trust and shared experiences. The romance storyline delves into Jax’s past, his fears, and his hopes for the future, offering a rich and emotionally engaging experience.

Lyra Voss

  • Role: Sniper and Recon Specialist
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 29
  • Appearance: Lyra Voss is a striking woman with a tall, athletic build, honed by years of rigorous training and fieldwork. She has long, dark hair often tied back in a tight braid, and piercing blue eyes that convey both intelligence and intensity. Her face bears a few faint scars, testament to her combat experiences. Lyra typically wears lightweight, tactical armor designed for mobility and stealth, and she always carries her trusty sniper rifle and recon gear.
  • Personality: Lyra is known for her calm and composed demeanor, even in the most stressful situations. She is highly disciplined, detail-oriented, and has a keen tactical mind. While she can come across as reserved and aloof, those who earn her trust find her to be a loyal and supportive ally. Lyra has a dry sense of humor and often uses it to break the tension in high-stakes missions.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Sniping: Lyra is an expert marksman, capable of making precise long-range shots with her sniper rifle. Her skills are unmatched, allowing her to eliminate targets from great distances.
  • Reconnaissance: She excels in gathering intelligence and providing strategic insights on enemy movements and terrain. Her ability to remain unseen and undetected makes her invaluable in stealth operations.
  • Combat Proficiency: Lyra is also skilled in close-quarters combat, using a combination of blasters and hand-to-hand techniques to defend herself when necessary.


Lyra Voss comes from a prestigious military family with a long history of service to the Republic. Her father was a decorated officer in the Republic Army, and her mother was a renowned strategist. From a young age, Lyra was instilled with a sense of duty and honor, and she excelled in her studies and physical training.

Determined to follow in her parents’ footsteps, Lyra enrolled in the Republic Military Academy, where she quickly distinguished herself as a top cadet. Her exceptional marksmanship and tactical acumen earned her a place in an elite sniper unit, where she served with distinction in numerous campaigns.

Despite her success, Lyra felt constrained by the rigid structure of the military and sought a role where she could make a more significant impact. Her skills and reputation caught the attention of the SIS, who recruited her for her expertise in sniping and reconnaissance. In the SIS, Lyra found a place where she could utilize her talents to their fullest potential, conducting high-stakes missions that required precision and discretion.

Story Involvement

Lyra Voss is introduced during Act 3 of the Shadow Operative storyline on Taris. The player encounters her while assisting in a critical reconnaissance mission to uncover a hidden enemy base. Lyra’s precision and strategic insights prove crucial in the success of the operation. Recognizing the player’s capabilities and shared commitment to the Republic, Lyra agrees to join the team, bringing her exceptional skills and tactical knowledge to the Shadow Operative’s cause.

Throughout the story, Lyra becomes a reliable and steadfast companion, providing invaluable support in various missions across the galaxy. Her skills in sniping and reconnaissance are essential in overcoming numerous challenges and enemies. As the player and Lyra work together, they develop a strong mutual respect and camaraderie.

Romance Option

Lyra Voss is not available as a romance option, but her close friendship and professional partnership with the player offer a deep and meaningful connection. Her loyalty and support are unwavering, and her character arc explores themes of duty, honor, and the complexities of military life.

Draxis Ren

  • Role: Former Sith, Melee Specialist
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 35
  • Appearance: Draxis Ren is an imposing figure, standing tall with a muscular and well-defined build. He has short, dark hair and intense, piercing red eyes that reveal his connection to the dark side. His face is marked with several scars, evidence of his turbulent past and countless battles. Draxis typically wears dark, practical clothing that allows for freedom of movement, often complemented by a hooded cloak. He carries a lightsaber with a distinctive, crimson blade, though he has modified its color to a deep violet to symbolize his break from the Sith.
  • Personality: Draxis is a complex and enigmatic individual. He carries the weight of his past actions and struggles with the darkness within him. Despite his brooding demeanor, Draxis has a strong sense of honor and a desire for redemption. He is fiercely protective of those he cares about and is willing to go to great lengths to atone for his past. Draxis possesses a sharp wit and a dry sense of humor, often using it to mask his inner turmoil.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Melee Combat: Draxis is a master of lightsaber combat, excelling in various forms and techniques. His fighting style is aggressive and precise, making him a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat.
  • Force Sensitivity: Though he has distanced himself from the Sith, Draxis still retains his connection to the Force. He uses it primarily for enhancing his physical abilities, such as strength, speed, and reflexes.
  • Tactical Insight: Draxis has a keen strategic mind, developed through years of military campaigns and battles. He is adept at planning and executing complex missions.


Draxis Ren was born on Dromund Kaas, the capital of the Sith Empire. From a young age, he exhibited strong Force sensitivity and was taken to the Sith Academy to be trained as a Sith Warrior. Draxis excelled in his training, quickly rising through the ranks due to his exceptional combat skills and unwavering loyalty to the dark side.

As he grew older, Draxis became a feared and respected Sith Lord, known for his ruthlessness and efficiency in battle. However, over time, he began to question the teachings of the Sith and the path he had chosen. The turning point came during a brutal campaign where he witnessed the unnecessary slaughter of innocents. The guilt and horror of his actions led him to seek redemption and a way to break free from the dark side.

Draxis made the difficult decision to defect from the Sith Empire, narrowly escaping assassination attempts by his former comrades. He wandered the galaxy, searching for a way to atone for his past and struggling with the darkness that still lingered within him. Eventually, his journey brought him into contact with the SIS, who saw potential in his skills and his desire for redemption.

Story Involvement

Draxis Ren is introduced during Act 4 of the Shadow Operative storyline on Kesh. The player encounters him during the climax of the class story arc, where his unique skills and knowledge of the Sith prove crucial in confronting a looming dark side threat. Impressed by the player’s determination and sense of justice, Draxis agrees to join the team, offering his formidable combat abilities and tactical insights.

Throughout the story, Draxis becomes a valuable and trusted companion, assisting the player in various missions across the galaxy. His expertise in melee combat and strategic planning are essential in overcoming numerous challenges and enemies. As the player and Draxis work together, they develop a deep mutual respect and understanding.

Romance Option

Draxis Ren is available as a romance option for both male and female players. His romance arc involves helping him confront his inner demons and seeking redemption. Players must show compassion and patience, gradually building a relationship based on trust and mutual support. The romance storyline delves into Draxis’s past, his struggles with the dark side, and his hopes for the future, offering a rich and emotionally engaging experience.

ZR-57 aka Zerek

  • Role: Ship Droid and Utility Specialist
  • Model: ZR-Series Multipurpose Droid
  • Appearance: Zerek is a sleek, medium-sized droid with a streamlined, durable chassis designed for both functionality and aesthetics. Its exterior is primarily silver and dark grey, with blue accents that light up during operation. Zerek has a humanoid shape, with articulated limbs allowing for a wide range of movements. Its head features a single optical sensor that glows blue, providing excellent visual and sensory capabilities.
  • Personality: Zerek is programmed with a helpful and efficient personality, designed to assist the Shadow Operative with various tasks both on and off the Stealth Hawk. It is highly intelligent, capable of understanding complex commands and adapting to new situations. Zerek has a polite and professional demeanor, often using formal language and addressing the player with respect. Despite its formal nature, Zerek occasionally displays a subtle sense of humor, making it a pleasant and engaging companion.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Maintenance and Repairs: Zerek is equipped with tools and programming for maintaining and repairing the Stealth Hawk, ensuring the ship remains in optimal condition.
  • Hacking and Slicing: The droid is proficient in hacking and slicing into secure systems, providing valuable support during missions that require electronic infiltration.
  • Combat Assistance: While not designed for direct combat, Zerek can provide support through the use of energy shields, medical assistance, and deploying small defensive turrets.
  • Navigation and Piloting: Zerek assists with navigation and can pilot the Stealth Hawk if necessary, ensuring safe and efficient travel between mission locations.


ZR-57, or Zerek, was originally developed by a high-tech droid manufacturing company contracted by the Republic. The ZR-series was designed to be a versatile and reliable companion for military and intelligence operations, combining advanced AI with robust engineering. Zerek was assigned to the Stealth Hawk to support the Shadow Operative in their missions, offering a wide range of utilities that enhance the ship’s capabilities and the player’s effectiveness.

Story Involvement

Zerek is introduced when the player first boards the Stealth Hawk. The droid provides a detailed tour of the ship’s features and systems, ensuring the player is familiar with their new base of operations. Throughout the story, Zerek remains a constant presence, offering assistance with mission planning, ship maintenance, and tactical support.

Zerek’s interactions with the player add depth and convenience to the gameplay experience, making it an invaluable part of the team. Whether repairing battle damage, slicing into enemy systems, or providing navigational data, Zerek’s contributions are crucial to the success of the Shadow Operative’s missions.

Class Story Arc | Prologue Questing

Introduction Scene

Scene Setting: The camera pans over the rugged, war-torn landscape of Ord Mantell. The player’s shuttle descends into a secluded area surrounded by dense forests and towering mountains. The shuttle lands at the entrance of the Shadow Operative Training Grounds, a hidden SIS facility.


  • Commander Tarin Vos: “Welcome to Ord Mantell, Operative. I’m Commander Tarin Vos, and I will oversee your training. You were chosen because you have the potential to be one of the finest operatives in the SIS. But potential means nothing without action. Let’s see if you can live up to the expectations.”

Objective: Meet Commander Tarin Vos at the Shadow Operative Training Grounds.

Quest 1: First Steps

Name: First Steps
Description: Begin your training as a Shadow Operative under the guidance of Commander Tarin Vos.
Objective: Speak with Commander Tarin Vos to receive your first assignment.


  • Commander Tarin Vos: “Your training begins now. Head to the combat training arena and meet Lieutenant Mira Kantos. She’ll assess your combat skills. Remember, Operative, every step you take here is a step towards becoming the best.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] I’m ready for anything.
    • Vos: “That’s the spirit. Show me you can back up those words.”
  2. [2] What kind of training can I expect?
    • Vos: “A mix of physical endurance, combat skills, and technical proficiency. Be prepared.”
  3. [3] What if I don’t meet your standards?
    • Vos: “Failure is not an option here, Operative. Push yourself beyond your limits.”

Task: Travel to the combat training arena and speak with Lieutenant Mira Kantos.

Quest 2: Combat Assessment

Name: Combat Assessment
Description: Demonstrate your combat skills to Lieutenant Mira Kantos in the combat training arena.
Objective: Complete the combat assessment by defeating training droids and passing a physical endurance test.


  • Lieutenant Mira Kantos: “I’m Lieutenant Kantos. Let’s see what you’re made of. Use the training droids to demonstrate your combat techniques. After that, we’ll test your physical endurance. Show me you have what it takes.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] Let’s get started.
    • Kantos: “That’s the attitude I like. Begin when ready.”
  2. [2] What exactly do I need to do?
    • Kantos: “Defeat the training droids first, then complete the obstacle course within the time limit.”
  3. [3] This sounds intense.
    • Kantos: “It’s meant to be. Only the best make it through.”


  1. Defeat 10 training droids in the combat training arena.
  2. Complete the obstacle course within the time limit.

Quest 3: Technical Proficiency

Name: Technical Proficiency
Description: Meet Tech Specialist Varen Olis in the tech lab to begin your technical training.
Objective: Speak with Tech Specialist Varen Olis and complete the slicing tutorial.


  • Tech Specialist Varen Olis: “Slicing is an essential skill for a Shadow Operative. I’ll guide you through the basics. Follow my instructions, and you’ll be slicing through security systems in no time.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] I’m ready to learn.
    • Olis: “Good. Let’s see how quickly you can pick this up.”
  2. [2] How difficult is slicing?
    • Olis: “It requires precision and patience. But with practice, you’ll get the hang of it.”
  3. [3] What if I mess up?
    • Olis: “Mistakes happen. Just make sure to learn from them.”


  1. Complete the slicing tutorial by hacking into a secured terminal.
  2. Bypass a complex firewall to retrieve encrypted data.

Quest 4: Field Test

Name: Field Test
Description: Participate in a field test to apply your training in a simulated mission scenario.
Objective: Complete the field test simulation in the holo-simulation chamber.


  • Commander Tarin Vos: “Time to see how you perform under pressure. The holo-simulation chamber will simulate a real mission scenario. Complete the objectives, and prove you’re ready for the field.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] I won’t let you down.
    • Vos: “Good. Step inside and begin.”
  2. [2] What’s the scenario?
    • Vos: “You’ll be infiltrating an enemy base, gathering intelligence, and neutralizing key targets.”
  3. [3] What if I fail?
    • Vos: “Then you learn from it and try again. But I expect success.”


  1. Infiltrate the simulated enemy base undetected.
  2. Gather intelligence from three secured data terminals.
  3. Neutralize the simulated enemy commander.

Quest 5: Unexpected Encounter

Name: Unexpected Encounter
Description: While exploring the training grounds, you encounter Mara Keles, a skilled hacker and tech specialist.
Objective: Assist Mara Keles with a technical issue in the tech lab.


  • Mara Keles: “Hey, new recruit. I could use an extra pair of hands. The system’s acting up, and I need to get this terminal back online. Think you can handle it?”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] I’m on it.
    • Mara: “Great. I’ll guide you through it.”
  2. [2] What’s the problem?
    • Mara: “The terminal’s stuck in a loop. We need to reset the system and reconfigure the settings.”
  3. [3] You sure you need my help?
    • Mara: “Every bit helps, recruit. Let’s get it done.”


  1. Help Mara Keles reset the malfunctioning terminal.
  2. Reconfigure the terminal settings to restore functionality.
  3. Test the terminal to ensure it’s working properly.

Quest 6: Reconnaissance Training

Name: Reconnaissance Training
Description: Learn the art of reconnaissance and intelligence gathering from Chief Operative Lina Varros.
Objective: Complete the reconnaissance training exercises.


  • Chief Operative Lina Varros: “Information is power, Operative. Let’s see how well you can gather intel. Follow the markers and gather the necessary data without being detected.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] Sounds like a challenge.
    • Varros: “It is. Stay sharp and move silently.”
  2. [2] What’s the mission?
    • Varros: “You’ll infiltrate a series of locations, retrieve data, and get out undetected.”
  3. [3] What if I get caught?
    • Varros: “Then you’ll have to fight your way out. But let’s aim for stealth.”


  1. Infiltrate marked locations within the training grounds.
  2. Retrieve data from three secured terminals.
  3. Exfiltrate without being detected.

Quest 7: Combat Drills

Name: Combat Drills
Description: Sharpen your combat skills with advanced drills under the supervision of Lieutenant Mira Kantos.
Objective: Complete the advanced combat drills.


  • Lieutenant Mira Kantos: “You’re improving, but there’s always room for more. These drills are designed to push you to your limits. Give it your all, Operative.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] I’m ready.
    • Kantos: “Good. Let’s begin.”
  2. [2] What do the drills involve?
    • Kantos: “You’ll face elite training droids and complete a timed obstacle course. It’s all about speed and precision.”
  3. [3] How tough are these droids?
    • Kantos: “Tough enough to challenge you. Show them who’s boss.”


  1. Defeat 5 elite training droids.
  2. Complete the obstacle course within the time limit.
  3. Finish with a sparring match against another trainee.

Quest 8: Tactical Planning

Name: Tactical Planning
Description: Join a tactical planning session with Commander Tarin Vos and other trainees.
Objective: Participate in the tactical planning session.


  • Commander Tarin Vos: “Strategy is as important as skill. Join the session, and we’ll go over a recent mission. Analyze the data, and come up with a plan to tackle the scenario.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] Ready to learn.
    • Vos: “Good. Pay attention and contribute.”
  2. [2] What’s the scenario?
    • Vos: “A high-value target in a fortified position. We need to plan the assault carefully.”
  3. [3] How detailed should our plan be?
    • Vos: “Very. Every detail matters in a mission like this.”


  1. Review the mission data in the briefing room.
  2. Contribute to the tactical planning session by suggesting strategies.
  3. Finalize the plan and prepare for execution.

Quest 9: The Final Test

Name: The Final Test
Description: Complete a final test that combines all aspects of your training.
Objective: Successfully complete the final test scenario in the holo-simulation chamber.


  • Commander Tarin Vos: “This is it, Operative. The final test. You’ll need to use everything you’ve learned. Complete the mission, and you’ll prove you’re ready for the field.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] I’m ready.
    • Vos: “Then step inside and begin.”
  2. [2] What’s the scenario?
    • Vos: “Infiltrate an enemy base, gather intelligence, and neutralize the target. It’s a live simulation, so be prepared for anything.”
  3. [3] Any tips?
    • Vos: “Stay focused, move silently, and strike decisively. Good luck.”


  1. Infiltrate the simulated enemy base undetected.
  2. Gather intelligence from three secured data terminals.
  3. Neutralize the simulated enemy commander.
  4. Exfiltrate safely.

Quest 10: A New Ally

Name: A New Ally
Description: Mara Keles joins you as your first companion. Together, prepare to head to Coruscant to continue your journey.
Objective: Speak with Mara Keles and prepare to leave for Coruscant.


  • Mara Keles: “You did well, recruit. I’ve been assigned to join you on your missions. Let’s head to Coruscant and see what the SIS has in store for us.”

Player Choices:

  1. [1] Looking forward to working with you.
    • Mara: “Same here. We’ll make a great team.”
  2. [2] What can you tell me about Coruscant?
    • Mara: “It’s the heart of the Republic. We’ll be at the SIS Black Site, deep in the lower levels. It’s as secure as it gets.”
  3. [3] Any advice for a new operative?
    • Mara: “Trust your instincts and stay sharp. We’ve got each other’s backs.”


  1. Gather your belongings from the barracks.
  2. Meet Mara Keles at the shuttle pad.
  3. Board the shuttle to Coruscant.

This is just a small part of the items I created for this. Act 1- Epilogue have quests created. I just didn’t want to overload by adding.

Weapons for the Shadow Operative in the Cartel Market

Shadow’s Whisper

Name: Shadow’s Whisper
Description: The Shadow’s Whisper is a sleek, compact blaster pistol designed for maximum stealth and efficiency. Its matte black finish and ergonomic grip make it the perfect weapon for operatives who need to remain unseen. The blaster features a built-in silencer, reducing the noise of each shot to a barely audible whisper. It also includes a custom sight for enhanced accuracy and a lightweight frame for quick draws and agile movements.

Phantom Blade

Name: Phantom Blade
Description: The Phantom Blade is a deadly vibroknife crafted for close-quarters combat and silent takedowns. Its blade is forged from a rare, dark alloy that absorbs light, making it nearly invisible in the shadows. The handle is wrapped in non-slip material to ensure a firm grip, even in the heat of battle. The blade is equipped with a micro-vibration generator, increasing its cutting power and allowing it to slice through armor with ease. Perfect for operatives who prefer a more personal touch in their missions.

Wraith’s Edge

Name: Wraith’s Edge
Description: Wraith’s Edge is a high-tech sniper rifle engineered for precision and lethality. Its long barrel and advanced targeting system allow for pinpoint accuracy over great distances. The rifle’s modular design includes a suppressor to minimize noise and a thermal scope for targeting enemies in low visibility conditions. The Wraith’s Edge is built with a lightweight yet durable alloy, ensuring it can be carried with ease without sacrificing strength or performance. Ideal for operatives who specialize in long-range engagements.

Specter’s Shadow

Name: Specter’s Shadow
Description: The Specter’s Shadow is an advanced energy blade designed for operatives who excel in both melee and ranged combat. This unique weapon can switch between a short-range energy blade for close encounters and a mid-range energy whip for reaching distant foes. The blade’s energy output can be adjusted for different combat situations, providing flexibility and adaptability in the field. Its sleek, dark design and glowing blue energy blade make it both intimidating and efficient, a true tool of the shadow operative.

These weapons are crafted to complement the skills and style of the Shadow Operative class, offering a range of options for different combat scenarios and personal preferences. They can be introduced into the Cartel Market to provide players with exciting new gear to enhance their gameplay experience.