We’ll Transcend | Poem

Hate, oh hate, a venomous brew,
A poison coursing, seeking to subdue.
But hear me now, as these words flow,
I stand against hate, and its relentless woe.

In the depths of darkness, hate takes its form,
Breeding division, causing hearts to deform.
It whispers its lies, spreads its vile disease,
Fanning the flames of anger, stifling peace.

But hate, my friend, is a choice we make,
A path we wander, a path we can break.
For within our souls, a light still gleams,
A beacon of love, stronger than hate’s schemes.

I’ve seen hate’s shadow, its destructive might,
Tearing lives apart, shattering dreams with spite.
But in the face of hate, there’s power to reclaim,
To rise as one, and extinguish its flame.

Let us not be blinded by hate’s blinding rage,
But seek understanding, a different page.
For hate’s origin lies in fear and ignorance,
And with knowledge and empathy, we can silence its presence.

We must confront hate with love’s fierce fire,
Building bridges, connecting hearts, and inspire.
For it’s in unity and compassion we find,
The strength to overcome hate’s toxic grind.

So let us stand together, hand in hand,
Against hate’s darkness, taking a firm stand.
With words of kindness, actions bold and true,
We’ll shine a light that hate cannot undo.

In this spoken word, let hate be dethroned,
Replaced with love, a force that’s widely known.
For hate may try, but it cannot win,
When love and understanding become our kin.

So let us rise, let our voices resound,
In the face of hate, a new era is found.
Together we’ll rewrite the story’s end,
And hate’s grip on humanity, we’ll transcend.