The Loss | Poem

In the depths of sorrow, where tears cascade,
I stand before you, with words to be conveyed.
For in this spoken word, I share a tale so raw,
The loss of a child, a wound that leaves us in awe.

Imagine a whisper, fragile and pure,
A child’s laughter, a melody that endures.
But in the cruel twist of fate, a void takes hold,
Leaving hearts shattered, a story left untold.

In the sanctuary of dreams, they danced and played,
A spirit so vibrant, a light that never fades.
But fate’s hand, dealt a devastating blow,
And now their presence, only memories to bestow.

Oh, the ache in a mother’s arms, empty and cold,
The silence of a father’s lullaby untold.
Through the corridors of grief, we find our way,
Amidst shattered hopes, we seek solace in each passing day.

In this spoken word, let us honor their name,
Embracing the love, the bond that forever remains.
For though their physical form may be out of sight,
Their spirit lingers, an eternal guiding light.

In the depth of loss, we unearth our strength,
Transforming pain into a tapestry of grace.
Their absence becomes a catalyst for change,
A legacy of love, in every act, we rearrange.

Let us carry their memory like a flame,
A beacon of hope, as we whisper their name.
For they were here, a fleeting gift so profound,
Their impact resonates, forever unbound.

So in this lyrical journey, let us remember,
The precious souls that grace our lives, so tender.
Though they may be gone, their essence lives on,
In the hearts that cherish them, long after they’ve gone.

May their presence be a reminder, in every breath we take,
To embrace the living, for life is too fragile to forsake.
And in the cadence of their memory, may we find solace,
A tribute to the love we shared, an eternal embrace.

So let us honor their journey, with voices resounding,
In this spoken word, their spirit is forever crowned.
For in the loss of a child, we find unity,
A shared bond of resilience, in this tapestry.