Autistic Brilliance | Poem

In a realm where colors dance, whispers hum,
There’s a symphony, unique, a beat, a drum.
Autism’s tapestry, woven bold and bright,
A kaleidoscope of minds, shining with light.

We paint with words, strokes vibrant and grand,
Expressing truths, so hard to understand.
Infinite spectrums, a tapestry untamed,
Each soul a masterpiece, beautifully named.

With graceful steps, we navigate this maze,
A world pulsing with energy, in vibrant arrays.
Every quirk, every rhythm, a sacred song,
Weaving together, where we all belong.

In silence, words echo, resound in our core,
Communicating through depths, forevermore.
For language transcends the conventional mold,
We speak through gestures, symbols, untold.

Let us embrace the stimming, the sensory flight,
The gentle touch of moonbeams in the night.
Our minds thrive in patterns, details, and rhyme,
Unleashing brilliance, running free, sublime.

See the strength in our focus, relentless and true,
Unlocking doors, shaping a world anew.
Harnessing passions, obsessions ablaze,
We channel our fire in extraordinary ways.

Autism whispers secrets, treasures to unveil,
Gifts in disguise, behind the tales we regale.
With open hearts, let’s embrace the unknown,
Together we’ll grow, love fully shown.

Let us foster acceptance, understanding deep,
Creating a world where all souls can leap.
In unity, we dance, as one diverse whole,
Celebrating autism, every vibrant soul.

So let the words flow like rivers unbound,
A spoken word ode to the joy we have found.
Autism’s anthem, resounding with grace,
Lyrical and easy, a gentle embrace.